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International cooperation

International cooperation

BH-Gas promotes and submits interconnection projects to lists related to national, regional and international development documents, such as the Ten-Year Network Development Plan of  European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas – ENTSOG TYNDP, the list of projects of interest to the Energy Community PECI/PMI, in which BH-Gas projects are included.


Southern Interconnection BiH – CRO

Northern Interconnection BiH – CRO

Western Interconnection BiH – CRO


Security of supply

Supplying Bosnia and Herzegovina with natural gas from one source and one route of supply does not meet the basic postulates of the Regulation concerning measures to safeguard the security of gas supply. This applies in particular to the case of interruption of supply and ensuring the proper functioning of the natural gas market. The security of supply factor N-1, which, in accordance with EU regulations, assesses the security of supply of natural gas to a certain country, for Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently equal to 0. With the implementation of the Southern Interconnection Project BiH-Croatia, this factor would increase to approximately 60%, while together with the implementation of the Northern Interconnection Project BiH – Croatia, this requirement was fully satisfied.

Currently, the most mature project is the South Interconnection gas pipeline project of BiH-Croatia, for which, after the completion of the Feasibility Study, Conceptual Project and Environmental and Social Impact Study, an environmental permit was obtained and an application for location permit was submitted, and this procedure is ongoing. The Southern Interconnection project of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, apart from being a project of strategic interest for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is also recognized and supported by international entities, the Delegation of the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID, the American Embassy, the Secretariat of the Energy Community, the European Commission, EBRD and WBIF in the Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, with the company BH-Gas doo Sarajevo as the promoter of the project.

List of Projects of Mutual Interest EU/EnC (PMI)