About us

Mission, vision, objectives


The mission of BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo, as a transmission system operator, is to provide natural gas transmission services in accordance with the current legal framework and market needs, all with the aim of ensuring the orderly delivery of gas through responsible operation and maintenance of the transmission system with the application of professional and technical standards towards users and create preconditions for the sustainable development of the gas market and increasing security of supply.


BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo as a strategic energy subject is clearly committed to regional cooperation and the realization of new interconnection gas pipelines.

Through meeting the infrastructure standard, we are committed to achieving the goal that in the near future system users will have access to new natural gas markets, and thus increased security of supply.

BH-Gas advocates for greater use of natural gas as a transition fuel in the direction of fulfilling the set goals of decarbonization in a legal and economic framework in which all the competitive advantages of natural gas can be used in relation to other available energy sources.


SECURE AND RELIABLE GAS TRANSMISSION SYSTEM: Ensuring the safety and reliability of the gas transmission system, as well as responsible and efficient management of the system

DEVELOPMENT OF THE INTERNAL MARKET: Developing the gas transmission network

REGIONAL CONNECTIVITY: Connection with the gas pipeline network of neighboring countries through the construction of interconnection gas pipelines in the context of diversification of routes and sources of supply.

STRATEGIC ENERGY SUBJECT AND PARTNER: Implementation of infrastructure projects of strategic interest in the optimal period, with sustainable business through the liquidity and solvency of the Company.

NEW PRACTICES AND TECHNOLOGIES: Business optimization in accordance with EU legislation, and new technologies and practices.