About us

Basic data


Full name of the company: “BH-Gas” Limited Liability Company Sarajevo

Abbreviated name BH-Gas” doo Sarajevo
Address Obala Kulina Bana St. no. 8

71000 Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

            Directorate + 387 33 724 220
            Fax + 387 33 661 621
            E-mail direkcija@bh-gas.ba
Web address www.bh-gas.ba
ID number 4200197860000
VAT number 200197860000
Transaction account  
Sparkasse Bank dd BiH 1994990155357932
ASA Bank dd Sarajevo 1340011110004153
UniCredit Bank dd Mostar 3389002208736958
Management Board members:
MSc. Nihada Glamoč, B.Sc. Director
Mihajlo Krmpotić, B.Sc.Geod. Acting Executive Director

Owner: Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Gas Production and Transport Company “BH-Gas” limited liability company Sarajevo was registered in the Cantonal Court in Sarajevo, under the number: 1-19633, on September 30, 1997 (Decision No. UF/I 2852/97 of September 30, 1997).

The main activities are:

– Transmission of natural gas through the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Research and development of main gas pipelines