Corporate social responsibility

Safety measuresDruštvena odgovornost

Safety, occupational health and safety, fire and explosion protection and environmental protection are implemented as a systematic and organized action through the execution of work procedures, work organization and preventive maintenance. All this is achieved through the application of safety and protection measures in accordance with the general principles of prevention established by laws (Law on Occupational Safety, Labor Law, Health Protection Law, Law on Fire Protection and Firefighting, Law on Agencies and Internal Services for Protection of People and Property, directives of the European Council EEC).

All stations/facilities and gas pipelines are equipped with safety devices (block valves, safety relief valves…) that are activated in the event of a sudden increase or decrease in pressure in the gas system in order to prevent unintended consequences and minimize the risks of harmful consequences.

BH-Gas organizes and implements safety and health protection measures at work, fire protection, protection of people and property, and environmental protection at all owned facilities as well as at all workplaces and workplaces in the working environment in accordance with legal regulations, by-laws, safety-technical standards and norms and the Company’s internal acts.