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Acceptance of terms of use

Please read the terms of use carefully before using the website www.bh-gas.ba. By accessing the website www.bh-gas.ba and using the material, you agree to accept the stated rules of use. If you do not agree with these rules of use, please do not use the information from the BH-Gas doo Sarajevo website.

Privacy Policy

When signing up to the mailing list and using other interactive parts of the www.bh-gas.ba website , the website can collect data about site visitors. The data collected in this way (email, etc.) will only be used to contact users via the mailing list and will not be made available to third parties under any circumstances. Users of the site are responsible for the accuracy of information about personal data.


If, in accordance with the legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, BH-Gas doo Sarajevo is obliged to publish certain information on its website, BH-Gas doo Sarajevo is responsible for the content of the information available to the public. In case of publication of information, materials or other content on the website of BH-Gas doo Sarajevo, the publication of which is not prescribed by legal regulations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it tries to ensure that the information on the website is complete and accurate. However, BH-Gas doo Sarajevo is not responsible for direct or indirect damage that may occur as a result of the use or inability to use documents, information, materials or content from the website, or for the consequences of decisions made based on them. BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo does not object to providing a link to the company’s website, provided that the content of the website has not been altered and/or distorted.

Modification and addition of content:

BH-Gas doo Sarajevo reserves the right to amend the content of the BH-Gas doo Sarajevo website without prior notice. The company’s website is regularly updated.

Copyright clause:

BH-Gas d.o.o. Sarajevo reserves the copyright to the website www.bh-gas.ba and the entire content of that page, unless expressly indicated otherwise. The use and quoting of material from the site is permitted, with the condition that BH-Gas doo Sarajevo is indicated as the source of information and a link to www.bh-gas.ba is provided. The content of the information downloaded from the site may not be changed or deleted. It is prohibited to use the material from this website for commercial purposes.